Cattery or Cat Sitter; Discuss!

Hello, hello! Pull up a chair. Make yourself comfortable. Tea? Coffee? Wine? Brilliant, let’s get started! (As a thank-you-very-much, I gave away this pesky Purple Panda cat collar to one lucky commenter!)

Safety cat panda collar

Here we go; You’ve booked that holiday that you’ve been needing all year; having finally got sick of everybody else’s holiday statuses on facebook! The mental countdown is ticking away. You went through the motions of a diet and increasing the daily exercise regime – but then you decided to eat lots of cake and drink lots of wine. Cheers to that! You’ve bragged about your holiday to all your family and friends… Then you realise that said family and friends are ALL (every single one of them) going away on holiday that week. Oh. Dear.

…Who’s going to feed the cat?

Well… me! I’m a cat sitter! I look after cats in their own home so that when their owners are away, they’re left with familiar sights and sounds and smells. See no evil, hear no evil … smell no evil?!

Cat speak no evil

My customers seem really happy with the service (lovely testimonials) and I’ve blogged about being a pet sitter before (so you can read all about it if you’ve never heard about the service) – but I’d love to hear what you all think!