Penguin Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collar

Inspired by a very famous little penguin, have a peek at this lovely little cat collar which is definitely my favourite for Christmas 2014.

Penguin Christmas 2014 cat collar

Lovely Boop-cat showing off his penguin bow tie

You’ll find lots of tumbling mini penguins set against an arctic blue background and as always, my collars are all handmade in not so sunny Sunderland using lightweight, flexible material and an adjustable safety buckle.

Penguin Christmas 2014 cat collar

Lyla looking a bit like a penguin herself in her fetching tuxedo!

Each collar comes with a matching penguin charm to finish off the festive look, dangling from a split ring so that you can attach your cat’s name tag too.

Penguin bow tie cat collar

A dinky penguin charm

Head over to my Etsy shop to have a look at all the other bow ties. And remember, penguins don’t jump – they bounce!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collars

‘Tis (nearly) the season to be jolly and merry and don’t forget to include your festive felines this year! These Christmassy bow ties are just purrfect for your little ones (and can be bought from our Etsy shop).

Christmas Tree Cat Bow Tie Collar

Mr. Boop wearing his Merry Christmas tree cat collar

All of the collars are handmade (by me!) and are fully adjustable and feature a safety breakaway buckle so your cats can go off on their adventures without worry of getting stuck anywhere! The bow ties are made of light weight cotton so won’t slow them down either!

Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collar

Lyla-cat modelling a Snowman Bow Tie Collar

All bow tie cat collars have a lucky charm (snowmen, stockings, reindeer or Christmas trees to name just a few!) dangling from a split ring where you can attach your cat’s ID tag.

Santa Claws Bow Tie Cat Collar for Christmas Present

Boop is excited for Santa Claws!

There are some more designs in my online shop but I just wanted to show you a few of my favourites. And I’d best say a big thank you to Lyla and Boop for being very patient and modelling so well – mind you, they love having their photographs taken!

Christmas Bow Tie Cat Collar Holly Design

Lyla-cat wearing her jolly holly Christmas bow tie

Best wishes!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

Christmas Cat Bow Ties

Bow tie cat collars are the perfect Christmas present for your furriest friend (Lyla-cat says so!). These four designs are all attached to a handmade, adjustable safety collar which makes sure your kitty is kept out of danger. The bow ties themselves are made out of a lightweight cotton, so as to not wear down your little Christmas cats, so please have a peek.

*1* Snowman Bow Tie Cat Collar

Jolly snowmen with button noses and eyes made from coal, tumble against a merry red cotton fabric! A swinging snowman is dangling from this collar. (click here to buy)

Christmas cat collar

*2* Christmas Tree Bow Tie

These Christmas trees have a special pink star on top – a very merry pattern for the holidays! And to spruce up the collar; a dangling Christmas tree charm! (click here to buy)

Christmas bow tie cat collar

*3* Christmas Holly Bow Tie Cat Collar

For the traditional cat, this holly bow tie is purrfect. The customary green leaves and merry red berries have a lovely gold trim with a holly leaf swinging from a split ring. (click here to buy)

Christmas holly bow tie cat collar

*4* Gingerbread Man Bow Tie Cat Collar

The cookie dough bow tie features little gingerbread men and tumbling green and red candy canes. Dangling from a split ring, Santa’s stocking is full of presents in this cute little charm. (click here to buy)

Cat Collar christmas gingerbread man

And Whiskers Boutique has gone international – this month, bow ties are winging their way to America, Australia and Sweden – so happy holidays, happy Christmas and god jul!

Handmade bow tie cat collars are available to buy from my Etsy shop.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

Happy Christmas from Whitburn Whiskers

We pet sitters had a very merry Christmas at the Whitburn Whiskers’ headquarters! Our two furry family members were well and truly spoiled to bits – not least by some of the lovely presents our brilliant customers sent over (and our family, friends and Santa Claws!). And don’t forget Richy and I! The cards, chocolates, biscuits and other pet paraphernalia we received were so appreciated. And already eaten : )

Richy, Rachel and Jeffrey

Richy, Rachel and Jeffrey

Our kitten nearly grown up!

Our Boop nearly all grown up!

Christmassy Lyla-cat

Christmassy Lyla-cat

I love being a pet sitter in Sunderland and South Shields – I’ve had a brilliant year and met some brilliant new customers – pet people are my favourite kind of people… and as my collection of furry friends grows bigger and bigger I just want to say a big thank you for choosing me to look after your little ones. It really is a big decision entrusting them to a stranger – but I’ve got fond memories of each and every one and look forward to seeing familiar faces in the new year. And to two of my favourites who were sadly no longer with us this Christmas time, Chloe and Molly – I’m so grateful to have looked after two very special ladies : )

Whitburn Whiskers team huddle

Go team Whitburn Whiskers!

We’re really looking forward to 2013 and all that it brings. There’ll be lots and lots of pictures of pets posted to our pet sitting facebook page – maybe moving towards making a charity calendar for Christmas next year! I love seeing all the nice comments and likes for all the pets that we care about so thanks to everyone that’s contributed. Right! Think that’s enough sentiment from me – even Boop’s bored!!…

That's enough, Rachel.

That’s quite enough, Rachel.

Festive best wishes to you all,

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)