Welcome home little rescue kitten!

With kitten food, kitten toys, new litter box, new litter, new bowls, kitten isolation cage, Lyla-scented blankets, carry-cage, adoption fee and video camera waiting at home – me and Mr Whiskers went to meet Carole who we found through Animal Krackers in Sunderland. She helped us pick the perfect little boy kitten to take home.

Indiana Boop – Our new little whitburn whiskerer

Well… strictly speaking – Carole had me wanting to pick two kittens – a brother and a sister. She even put their floofy cheeks together and they tumbled about providing proof of their siblingness to melt my heart a bit. Luckily for us (and Lyla-cat), Mr Whiskers pointed out that we’d come to get one kitten and we hadn’t planned for two. And as I said in my previous blog post – two cats will need more time and attention than one cat – and three cats will need more time and attention than two…

Indy (full name Indiana [Jones] Boop) is currently in his isolation cage and Lyla-cat is strongly disapproving of him from a distance. The idea of her taking to him straight away seems like a distant memory. But we’d expected that. We’d prepared for that. (But we’re still a teeny bit disappointed with that). They should be cuddling like a hallmark card by now, right? Wrong. But we’re taking it slowly and I have high hopes for Lyla-cat becoming a caring foster-mum. Or at least a tolerant big sister.


(The Cat Whiskerer)

If you’re in the area and want to rescue a kitten like Indy, please have a look at Animal Kracker’s website – or join the Animal Krackers facebook page – or join Carole’s facebook group 🙂

Temporary catio – the cat cage!

With being so busy this week the blueprints for the catio have had to be put on hold. Lyla-cat isn’t very happy about this arrangement mind… Here she is in her temporary catio enjoying the evening sunshine; after her daily amble around the back garden of course.

A cat cage

Poor little caged animal

How to start a pet sitting blog?

Now then. Let’s see… where to start? An introduction, a hello, and then a bit of general chit chat? Ok then!

2012 is a leap year and it being the 29th February means I had an extra twenty-four hours to play around with today. The romantic possibilities ey? Well, no. Not really. Since I already have a husband and have no imminent plans to replace him with a more good looking one, I put some proper effort into *drum roll…* the Whitburn Whiskers website – and – it’s working!

HELLO! Welcome!

Starting a blog is a bit scary and I think our much-loved moggy is a bit nervous about becoming a pet celebrity. That said, here are some important things about us. I’m Rachel and she’s Lyla-cat. I like silly jokes – the more rubbish they are, the better; “Where does Kylie get her kebabs from?” – “Jason’s Donner-van”… That sort of thing. I have a thing about stationary (particularly notepads). Probably enough said about that. My favourite thing about Lyla-cat is her angry NOW face. Wake up NOW. Feed me NOW or a family favourite;

Cat stuck on roof

Get me down from this roof, NOW!!

Lyla’s a bit tubby but it’s not her fault. Having her spayed as a mature rescue cat has just left her a little squidgy round the edges. I have no excuse – but we both have our exercise regimes. For instance, I went to a spinning class today. Painful saddle-bum + my big, red face scaring a small child in the street = the reason I hide indoors in the first place. Lyla has daily games to keep her going – here’s our peacock feather exercise.

We’d both love to have more animal friends with us at home. Well, that’s a lie. Lyla doesn’t like other animals – she is a very grumpy Lyla-cat. There’s just us, Richy the husband when he’s home and the fish now. I do love the fish though – especially when they horde together when I walk past and they decide, collectively, that it’s time for the giant shadow to deliver food. There are lots of other character flaws I could point out but the day’s nearly over. Just enough time to spend looking for pictures of cats in boxes. Well… everyone has to have a hobby.

Rachel (The Cat Whiskerer)