Ten Reasons to Love Black and White Cats

I love black and white cats – they’re the ultimate moggies!

Felix the black cat at south shields cattery


They wear little tuxedos

Jess the black and white cat south shields


They walk around like penguins

Thomas the black and white cat


They come in all kinds of fluffy coats

Black and white cat by the fire


They’re often overlooked in shelters… which makes a lot of us think that black and white cats will love you more!

Lyla cat mobile cattery south shields


They are the ultimate in style with a monochrome palette!

Black and white cattery


They’re the postman’s favourite kind of cat!

Missy the black and white fluffy cat


There’s nothing cuter than four little white feet on a lovely black cat

Cattery alternative in south shields


Their eyes are astonishing

Cat care in south shields for Jessie


Sometimes their black and white coats can be really funny – I’ve seen cow prints, twirly moustaches and beards!

Cattery alternative in Sunderland

Coral and Trevor

And no two black and white cats are ever the same (although they might try to pretend otherwise!)

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)