Pet Sitting Services

Whitburn Whiskers pet sitting aims to provide reliable pet-care within homes, covering most areas in Sunderland and South Shields – whilst delivering professional standards of cuddles and fuss. We make daily visits to your pets and take over the day to day jobs of;

  • feeding and changing water bowls
  • cuddles / fuss / play
  • exercise
  • cleaning litter trays
  • grooming
  • taking care of any accidents

Think of us as a mobile cattery – and we’re more than happy to consider caring for any pet as long as you can provide enough detail for us to carry out their daily routine with confidence.

One of the other great things about having a reliable pet sitter come to you, is that we also try to make sure that your home is looked after while you are away. We are able to make sure your home looks lived in which most feel adds some extra security to your property. Consider whether you’d like us to do the following for free;

  • Water your plants (grouping them together helps us to do this!)
  • Remove any post from view
  • Put out wheelie bins on collection dates and bring them in
  • Drawing curtains at the right times
  • Turning on lights
  • Contact people for you incase of household emergency (e.g. heating / water problems)

We also take the health of pets in our care very seriously so if we feel that they need to receive medical care, we’ll take them to your local vets and have them checked over. This isn’t something that we like to do (and the pets aren’t that keen either!) but you can be sure we’ll be responsible and put your pets’ needs first. It helps us a lot if you could let your vets know that you’ll be away and make payment arrangements with them – before they’re needed!

To go ahead with a booking, we need to come round to you (free of charge), and talk through your pet’s needs and daily routine so that you can let us know exactly what you want e.g. playing in the hamster ball, stretching out legs in the rabbit run or playing with cat laser pens (the pets, not us). Communicating any character quirks, specific toilet habits or eating problems is greatly appreciated as it helps us build a bond with the pet quicker. We aim to be as flexible as we can and try to offer whatever you need; knowing that every pet is different and while some companions need love and attention, others just need to be checked in on and kept fed and watered!

We’d also like to keep you in touch with your pets so while you’re away, count on us to send you texts and even update our twitter and facebook pages with pictures and updates from your pet! This is all up to you of course 🙂

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