Pet Sitting Prices

We try to base our prices on the time needed to be spent at your property in order to tailor our duties to your needs. Therefore if you have more than one pet you probably won’t need to pay extra – provided that we’re both confident that all of our obligations can be carried out within that allocated time.

As a guide we offer the following prices but we then also have to apply small petrol costs, depending on where you live. Please contact us if you have something particular in mind, and remember you can easily mix and match the following;

Feed and clean – from £7 per visit
A visit that’s perfect for those pets who want a friendly face to pop in and make sure everything is in order. This is perfect for cats who can look after themselves!

Feed and clean package (twice daily) – from £14 per day
Two visits a day to keep everything ticking over and making your house looked lived in, morning and night by drawing curtains at the appropriate times. This is a better option for house cats that need regular litter changes – and for those cats that will eat all their food in one go, no matter how much you put out! It’s also perfect for those really friendly, sociable cats that want as much fuss and attention as possible!

Key arrangements
Before you leave on your travels, we’ll pop round to meet you for a good chat and pick up a house key. We hold keys for a lot of our regular clients which means that you can go away with minimum hassle!

Please add £2 per visit for public holidays and double rates for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day (pyjama days for Whitburn Whiskers!). Please note that our prices do not include any parking charges that may be incurred in order to carry out our visits so please let us know in advance.

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