Peace Of Mind

When choosing us to be your pet sitter within the South Shields and Sunderland area – we want to make sure you have full peace of mind with regards to the services we provide.

At our first meeting (free of charge) we’ll get you to fill in a form that details your pet’s routine and all of the information we will need for ‘just incase’ scenarios including your vet’s details and emergency preferences. Please be assured that all client information is kept confidential and not shared with any third parties. We will then keep this information for any future arrangements so going away can be as hassle-free as possible for you!

We are CRB-checked but please view our references posted directly to our facebook page or on our testimonials page.

We’re insured as a family by Cliverton who are authorised and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) – and are one of the leading insurers in the UK for animal-related industries.

Your house keys will be stored without any address information on them and kept locked within a non-mobile safe at our home.

We use a plain, unmarked car so there’s no need to worry about anybody realising that you’re away – though you may want to let your neighbours know what’s happening.

Our aim is to establish and nurture a long-term relationship with our customers and as such we try to be as flexible as possible. Should you return early and no longer need our services, just let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel any outstanding visits. Should your journey be delayed then we will also continue caring for your pets until you can get home.

All we ask of you is to leave sufficient food and litter to cover your absence and you may want to think about the following; leaving a blanket or jumper that smells strongly of you (which may relieve initial stress), provide treats or chews and have any favourite toys available. Some customers like to leave a radio on for comforting background noise as well as leaving lights on timers.

Oh, and we may be cat-sitters; but we don’t actually sit on your cat 😀