Mobile Cattery for Sunderland and South Shields

Last year I asked whether or not pet owners would prefer to use a cattery or a cat sitter and the comments were overwhelming – a cat sitter! Or as one commenter said, a mobile cattery (I like that phrase!). A lot of people said that if they couldn’t ask for help from someone they knew, then they’d really need to rely on recommendations.

As a lot of my new customers say that they’re really reassured by my testimonials page when choosing to get in touch with me, I thought I’d have a look at their most important reasons for using Whitburn Whiskers for their pet sitting services!

  • “They were looked after by somebody who really cares about cats which meant a lot to us and provided us with peace of mind”.
  • “Basic things like checking lights and blinds/curtains are often overlooked by other petsitters, but Rachel ensured our house was perfectly safe awaiting our return”.
  • “We received regular updates and photographs of our puddy cats eating, sleeping, having cuddles & strokes, being pampered and…. basically being thoroughly spoilt in the comfort of their own home!
cat south shields

Cat Sitting Playtime

  • “Thanks to the antisocial cat taming powers of Rachel and co at Whitburn Whiskers… she is not the most sociable of cats but you obviously won her over!”
  • “Our boys have had the right kind of care and companionship in a familiar environment with their preferred diet”.
  • “This is the first time that I have ever entrusted their care to anyone other than family members. It’s hard to hand over this responsibility to someone when the objects mean so much to you personally. But I could have sworn that when we arrived back home that both cats were looking over my shoulder for you to give them a quick cuddle”.
Cat sitting in south shields

Mobile Cattery Services

  • “We wouldn’t consider anyone else now as Rachel knows Inky and Gilbert really well, and vice versa”.
  • “They were both happy and totally chilled out when I came back (as if I hadn’t been away!)”.
  • “I’m very impressed by the interest you show in each pet’s little foibles and personality”.
  • “Pet lover first, pet sitter second”.
Cat sitting services south shields

Happy at Home

I always come round to meet new customers and their furry friends, free of charge, so we can all get to know each other and I can get all the information I need to look after your pets while you’re away. Whether that be… Fluffy will only drink out of a pint glass underneath my bed… or this is Bagpuss’ favourite toy that he likes to play fetch with… or if you can’t find Tom then he’s probably tunnelled under the duvet and made himself a nest – I’ll get to know them all : )

So if you’re going on holiday, then please think of choosing Whitburn Whiskers’ pet services for Sunderland and South Shields.

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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