Christmas Cat Bow Ties

Bow tie cat collars are the perfect Christmas present for your furriest friend (Lyla-cat says so!). These four designs are all attached to a handmade, adjustable safety collar which makes sure your kitty is kept out of danger. The bow ties themselves are made out of a lightweight cotton, so as to not wear down your little Christmas cats, so please have a peek.

*1* Snowman Bow Tie Cat Collar

Jolly snowmen with button noses and eyes made from coal, tumble against a merry red cotton fabric! A swinging snowman is dangling from this collar. (click here to buy)

Christmas cat collar

*2* Christmas Tree Bow Tie

These Christmas trees have a special pink star on top – a very merry pattern for the holidays! And to spruce up the collar; a dangling Christmas tree charm! (click here to buy)

Christmas bow tie cat collar

*3* Christmas Holly Bow Tie Cat Collar

For the traditional cat, this holly bow tie is purrfect. The customary green leaves and merry red berries have a lovely gold trim with a holly leaf swinging from a split ring. (click here to buy)

Christmas holly bow tie cat collar

*4* Gingerbread Man Bow Tie Cat Collar

The cookie dough bow tie features little gingerbread men and tumbling green and red candy canes. Dangling from a split ring, Santa’s stocking is full of presents in this cute little charm. (click here to buy)

Cat Collar christmas gingerbread man

And Whiskers Boutique has gone international – this month, bow ties are winging their way to America, Australia and Sweden – so happy holidays, happy Christmas and god jul!

Handmade bow tie cat collars are available to buy from my Etsy shop.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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