Roker Park Lights 2013

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Roker Park Illuminations 2013

The darker nights are set to be sparkly again as Roker Park Lights returns this autumn. From October 12th – November 3rd it’s going to be Wonderland in Sunderland from 5pm – 9pm every evening. Hooray!

The park is going to be lit up at dusk with fairy lights and baubles and the welcome return of all things Alice in Wonderland. Expect to see the leading lady herself, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and of course my favourite… the Cheshire Cat! (Naturally!) Here’s a little map so you can see whereabouts everything is happening in the park;

Roker Park Map 2013

The lights looked lovely last year (especially over the boating lake) and it’s the perfect place to take the children along to when it’s dark outside. There’ll be music, refreshment stalls and the miniature train was a firm favourite. Extra activities have been planned for weekends with hopefully something special in store for Hallowe’en and remember the best bit – it’s absolutely FREE.

So wrap up warm, enjoy yourselves and keep your fingers crossed for me that the tap from yesteryears will make an appearance!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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