Cattery or Cat Sitter; Discuss!

Hello, hello! Pull up a chair. Make yourself comfortable. Tea? Coffee? Wine? Brilliant, let’s get started! (As a thank-you-very-much, I gave away this pesky Purple Panda cat collar to one lucky commenter!)

Safety cat panda collar

Here we go; You’ve booked that holiday that you’ve been needing all year; having finally got sick of everybody else’s holiday statuses on facebook! The mental countdown is ticking away. You went through the motions of a diet and increasing the daily exercise regime – but then you decided to eat lots of cake and drink lots of wine. Cheers to that! You’ve bragged about your holiday to all your family and friends… Then you realise that said family and friends are ALL (every single one of them) going away on holiday that week. Oh. Dear.

…Who’s going to feed the cat?

Well… me! I’m a cat sitter! I look after cats in their own home so that when their owners are away, they’re left with familiar sights and sounds and smells. See no evil, hear no evil … smell no evil?!

Cat speak no evil

My customers seem really happy with the service (lovely testimonials) and I’ve blogged about being a pet sitter before (so you can read all about it if you’ve never heard about the service) – but I’d love to hear what you all think!

71 thoughts on “Cattery or Cat Sitter; Discuss!

  1. DEFINITELY a cat sitter and definitely Whitburn Whiskers. I have a friend with a cattery and even though I trust her and her husband implicitly and know our pampered princess would be physically cared for, nothing replaces home and I know she’s happy there and well looked after AND stimulated by play sessions and cuddles.

  2. I never go away for long as I have a flat cat so I get a family member to drop in. I would probably get a cat sitter rather then uproot my Jedward to some strange place. I don’t think he would like to be away from home

  3. Our family live near by so they pop in and look after them when we are away, the eldest came from a shelter so I always think if I put him in a cattery he will think we are leaving him.

  4. My cat died as a result of a cattery visit 😦 so I’d never put my kitties in anywhere like that again, definitely a trusted cat sitter, although leaving my kitties for any time at all breaks my heart! x

  5. I would love cat sitter, but alas i use a cattery. mainly due to the fact that when we go away my 20 and 21 year old sons stay at home. They will not get up during night to let the cats out and i wont have a cat flap because they kill and fetch in the dead animals

  6. We go away for a few days every year and I get my mother in law to cat sit. She is a funny little cat and likes to get up, have breakfast, go back to bed, sleep all day then get up for tea, have a quick mooch about outside then go back to bed!! My mother in law pops in morning and evening, gives her her tea, has a little cuddle then heads home again. Sooty doesn’t seem to mind as it’s a familiar face but she is quite relieved when we get home!

  7. I hate leaving my kitty but if I have to I have my neighbour pop round to feed him, wouldn’t want to leave him with strangers as he gets stressed around strangers. X

  8. We went away for two weeks recently and used a cattery for the first time, took our two cats about two weeks to get back to normal after we came back… Def using a at sitter next time!!

  9. I’ve never used a cattery, I much prefer cat sitters. The professional ones are pretty good, although one of the cats did hide from them all week!

  10. Anyone considering a pet sitter should most definitely use Whitburn Whiskers !!! Rachel and Richy are fantastic !! I had a cat with special dietary needs and daily medication and I was a bit wary of trusting anyone else with her care….then I found Rachel and all my fears disappeared……Chloe was happy,well looked after, played with and best of all, not stressed…!!! Rachel was like an adopted Mammy for her…. I had photos sent to my phone daily,regular updates and a daily diary of all their antics upon my return !! if yr pet is like yr baby(as my Chloe was to me….sadly she is no longer with us 😦 ) then give Whitburn Whiskers a call….I guarantee yr pets will love you for it !!!!!

  11. Have had my mum watch my cat Gem. First time Gem went to stay with my mum, mum is so soft and Gem knowing so, quickly found the cooked chicken on the kitchen table. Only for my mum to take blame herself. Thereafter I asked my mum to watch Gem at my place instead, as there I do not allow Gem into the kitchen, which Gem is well aware of. This worked much better. As for a professional Cat sitter or Cattery, I have never used them. Would need a recommendation from a friend in order to get to know and trust them. Yet I have never known a friend, family member or colleague to use either. My best friend takes her cat with her mostly, having occasionally had her mum act as cat sitter for her.

  12. a cat sitter… haven’t sent mine to a cattery since the cats we had as pets when i was young went to a cattery and came back with cat flu… always have someone stay with mine at home

  13. I would use a cat sitter 🙂 I would hate to leave my kitties somewhere they didn’t know, tho tbh I have so many pets now going away isn’t something I do very often lol but if I did it would be totally worth it to leave them in the care of someone I trust to come to our home, much easier and less stressful for them

  14. Definitely a cat sitter. My cats used get so upset if they went to a cattery, with all the other cats around and being in a different environment. I never use them now x

  15. Cat sitters A.K.A Granny and Grandad!! (my mum and Dad) Would rather keep my cat in his home environment plus he gets spoilt rotten when I’m away.

  16. My two are so spoilt, I couldn’t possibly leave them. Never thought about a cat sitter before. Would they mind one cat sleeping on their head and one on their feet? lol

  17. My family all live within a few minutes walk so there is always someone who can go around to feed the cats when I go away. We have a family holiday home in Scotland and tried taking the cats with us but they didn’t take to the travelling well so we now leave them behind. They seem happy anyway.

  18. we live on a private road so usually we just give our teenage neighbour £20 to feed them, a lot cheaper than a cattery 😀

  19. Definitely recommend having a cat sitter – cats are sensitive to change and the stress of a cattery can cause problems like stress cystitis or diarrhoea in those individuals who are prone. Obviously having their owner away is also a change but having the same regular routine really helps. And having a cat sitter has the added benefit of extra security for your home too as it isn’t sitting empty while you’re away!

  20. Either my parents or my wife’s parents will feed the cats if we’re away, if neither of them can do it, then we book the trip for a more convenient time.

  21. I’m lucky in this respect to be a vet student so have loads of lovely friends who are desperate to have the company of a small furry purry creature while I’m away (which is rarely, since I’m a student and have no holiday pennies…).

  22. I don’t like to leave my cats at a cattery as it would be too traumatic for them so using a pet sitter is the best option. They not only feed your pets but give them cuddles & even open & close your curtains, turn on lights etc so people don’t realise you’re away

  23. I use a cat sitter in Glasgow. My 2 rescue cats Sooty 14 and Cleo 6 don’t get on so i would need 2 pens for them in a cattery. At home they are relaxed and can still go in and out the catflap.Gillian my sitter from Catco is fab comes in twice a day and will sit with the cats and manages to tackle one being on a diet and one not.

  24. Last time we went on holiday I researched the catteries around as the owner of our usual cattery had retired. Once we had picked one we went to have a look around. It seemed really nice but when we picked him up a few hours earlier than we had anticipated he was absolutely starving and not himself for a couple of days so I am a bit dubious about putting him in a cattery again so next time I think we will have a close friend or relative cat sit for us or I will be just worrying about him while away. He is a very handsome Maine Coon who is now reached pension age 🙂

  25. For weekends my mum comes in to feed my girls but for longer holidays we use a cattery with an outside space for them.

  26. Cat sitter – that sounds like a brilliant idea 🙂 Especially as catteries can leave the kitty feeling nervous and unsure.

  27. A cat sitter is the best option for definite. Cats need a friendly face in comfortable surroundings with the things they know.

  28. My dog goes to a friend when I am on holiday (he thinks it’s HIM that’s going on holiday) and I have a house sitter (family) for my cat. If they weren’t available I would definitely use Whitburn Whiskers. Could never use a cattery. My cat doesn’t like other cats!

  29. we hate leaving our cat..she hates it just as much! our neighbour comes in if we go away to look after her. to put our cat in a cattery i think would upset her too much.

  30. I always try to go on pet friendly holidays so I can take my little kitties with me. I hate leaving them but in the odd chance I have to I get my best friend to look after them so they can play with her kitties 🙂

  31. i always get a house sitter as i dont like the fact my lovely carlsber(my kitty) will be home alone so hes got company but as i know everyone cant get ppl to house sit i think holiday homes for the cats are good 🙂

  32. As my son is now a teenager we have asked his friend if he would like to earn extra money during the holiday as I have 3 rescue cats. Our local cattery wanted £475 for 7 days, yet our young friend came in twice a day to feed, water, change the litter, and to let them out during the day and pop them in on an evening for the pricely sum of…nothing (we did pay him even though he wanted zero).As he knows how soft I am with them he FB’d me every day to let me know they were fine too.

  33. My 18 year old neice always looks after our 4 cats & dog, She is studying Animal care at collage & jumps at the chance to look after all my babies 🙂 i always bring her back a wonderful pressie too 🙂

  34. We always give our 2 cats to my mum to look after when we are away. They are both indoor cats anyway, and being in my mum’s doesn’t seem to phase them at all. I know with my mum that they are loved, cared for and looked after as they would be at home, and have lots of fusses and cuddles which they wouldn’t get in a cattery.

  35. We used a cattery in the past and we were left distraught our cat was under feed and unkept. Now when we go away we get my nan to move in for the period we are away.

  36. If there were no friends of family available I’d definitely opt to use a cat-sitter. I think it’d be important for my cats to be around familiar surroundings so they aren’t stressed out whilst I was away, and I’d feel comfortable knowing that they were also receiving some attention!

  37. I would find it hard to use a cat sitter as I suffer from anxiety about people coming in to my house, but I think my cat would definitely prefer it. 😦

  38. I always use a cat sitter, usually a willing relative as 2 of our 3 cats are rescue cats and they get stressed with us just going away, so they wouldn’t be happy going to a cattery.

  39. I’d prefer a cat sitter as to not upset my cats routine,they hate going away from the house so would feel far happier at home albeit still missing their mummy

  40. i think if you can afford it its better for the cat to be left in situ and a friend or family member stop with them as a friendly familiar face can be much better for the cat. failing that a cat sitter would be a must. i think catteries are good but a lot of cats dont take to them

  41. My mother in law always looks after our cat. She says she isn’t a cat lover but always seems to spoil ours rotten.

  42. Cat sitter. My kitty is spoilt and only my closest cat loving friends/family can tend to his every need 😉
    Or at least care for him well enough that I’m not worry about him when I’m away.

  43. A neighbour usually feeds my cats when I go away. But this time I used a cat sitter who was absolutely lovely. She sent me a picture and text message every morning to show they were fine. I would never put them in a cattery as it would be like them going back to the rescue home.

  44. Ex neighbours come to cat sit when we go away – in winter they put on central heating and sit for a while with tele on – in summer they sit with cats (who never go out ) and open windows to give them an airing. Just how valuable are neighbours like that!

  45. Cat sitter all the time….I worked in a kennels and cattery and we were extremely attentive to our cats that came in, they got heated pads, whatever food they had at home, plus cans of sardines or tuna were used to tempt cats that were stressing and had gone off they grub….they had branches, scratch posts, chairs, cushions toys, where cleaned out, sat with, brushed and generally pampered for the term of their stay but they took so much longer than dogs to settle in. Not all cats where like that but some where, they are just not very fond of change and having their own little routines messed up. Being able to come and go as they please in their own home is much more satisfying for them.

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