It’s very nearly springtime…

…I can say this with certainty because my dad sent me a picture of snowdrops from his allotment this morning! They may have been covered with a light frost… but they were definitely tinkly-bell snowdrops! Which got me to thinking of the things I want to do this Spring!

Build an outdoor catio for Lyla and Boop. We started plans for this last year, but with the great British weather, uncertainties over a house-move, a new kitten in the family – and general humming and hah-ing it got put off! But not for long… I’m busy doodling designs and pricing materials right now!

The Sunflower challenge. March is a great time to start planting your seeds in the house before popping them out in what will hopefully be a frost-free April. I’d like to have a Whiskers family competition; Me, Richy, Lyla and Boop.

Make Lyla and Boop new springtime collars. Last year I made Boop and Lyla pawprint cat collars for their Christmas box. Since then I haven’t spent nearly enough time getting to grips with my sewing machine but I think these two deserve something a bit brighter as it gets a bit warmer. I’d love to make a big batch of collars and sell them on behalf of some of the brilliant animal rescue charities in the area. Watch this space : )

Fabric cat collar

Boop’s homemade christmas cat collar (and Lyla’s poorly chin – all healed now!)

Eating Easter food (yom nom nom). I get so excited about hot cross buns with lemon curd and strawberry jam – you wouldn’t believe! Oooh and then there’s creme eggs. And chocolate crispy cornflake cakes with mini eggs and fluffy yellow chicks on top. And then there’s actual Easter eggs themselves. So. Really. I mean chocolate. I get very excited about all the chocolate! Oh. And decorating hard boiled eggs (I like to make them into cats, obviously).

Find baby animals! I’m on the lookout all the time. But specifically, I’ll be visiting Washington Wildfowl Park to look for baby chicks and listen to the otter talks. My favourite farms are Hall Hill in Durham and White House near Morpeth where you can bottle feed the goats… and then at a push, there’s always hanging out the window to look for lambs while driving. Especially black lambs. They’re special.

And of course… seeing old furry friends and meeting lovely new customers. It’s been a bit quieter over the winter months as everyone saves up their pennies for the summer holidays but already I’ve had the pleasure of looking after some of my favourites from last year. I’m also really looking forward to meeting lots of new clients who are busy organising their 2013 trips away.

For a quick read about home pet sitting please click here – or feel free to get in touch for a chat. I am always happy to talk about your furry friends!

Wishing everybody a happy and healthy springtime!

Rachel x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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