South Shields pet sitter gets rare day off!

Read all about it! Read all about it! “We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two!”… Well, not quite! – however this Saturday I had an extremely rare morning and afternoon off and I celebrated with a lovely lie in (bliss!). As a treat Mr Whiskers took ME for a walk in our very own sunny South Shields. Being a pet sitter, Saturdays off are a thing to be coveted – even more so in the summertime! So why not treat it as a holiday?

Park sign

Welcome to the park

Off we headed to South Marine Park to catch up with some long-lost sunshine. Once parked, we just followed the sound of rat pack and swing music to the bandstand! A really lovely afternoon spent watching the Little Big Band perform and local couples dancing in the park.

Music in the park

South Shields Bandstand

Mr Whiskers didn’t fancy joining in – but I may consider bringing our own folding chairs next time! We had a stroll about and enjoyed all the hard work invested in making the park look beautiful. I do think the little spade left at the waterfall was what made this picture though!

A lonely spade

South Shields Waterfall

There’s been a huge investment in the park in recent years and lovely to see the input from local schools where children have helped to make a new art trail. We also spotted this engraved poem positioned next to the boat house; “Put 200g of purple in a bowl. Add three teaspoons of a Robin whistling. Pour in the smell of perfume with the taste of chocolate cake. Share it with friends in goodness”.

South Shields poetry

Signs in the park

Mind you… when I was a bairn… the miniature railway and paddle boat lake were all I needed from South Shields! As long as we had bread for the birds, blankets and a picnic we were all set.

Paddle Boat Lake

Pedalos at Marine Park

Oh, and an ice cream of course!

South Shields Park

Monkey’s Blood!

So there you have it – it may not have been a very long summer holiday – but Whitburn Whiskers enjoyed it all the same!

Rach x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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