Life with a grumpy cat and a pesky kitten

Our pesky kitten (Boop) has been with us for three whole weeks now. Checking the dates I’ve realised that we adopted him on the 4th July and re-homed grumpy cat Lyla on 5th November (2009). I think I have a thing for memorable dates (or fireworks?). Generally, it’s been a lovely experience introducing a kitten to our family and can report lots of positive things – something I didn’t expect!

Living quarters. Boop reluctantly goes back to his bedroom during the night and when we’re out. We’re almost certain that they’d be okay together alone, but we’re mainly doing it to give Lyla a break. Boop is full of energy (all.of.the.time) and for that reason alone I think Lyla needs to be allowed a bit of time off from babysitting. This also keeps to her strict regime of cuddles first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Los dos gatos

Boop at three weeks – gaining on Lyla in size!

Foooood. For the most part we keep them separate at food times – but only to stop them swapping food bowls. What is it about wanting to eat someone else’s food ey? (I know I drive Mr Whiskers mad eating food from his plate). Happily, there’s no fighting at all at meal times but I’m not spending extra money on kitten food for nothing!

Personal Hygiene. Boop was quite good at grooming himself to begin with… but has pretty much stopped bothering. This is because he throws himself under Lyla’s feet and bops her in the face until she pins him down and cleans him up. He was pretty smelly before but now he smells like our Lyla. That’s a compliment, of course.

Cat wash

Yak. Kittens smell.

Personality. Lyla has changed quite a bit. From a very loud, attention-seeking, super-friendly cat to one that has stopped pestering us every time we blink. Lyla is more playful, more alert and takes much more interest in life e.g. she no longer spends as much time asleep and really doesn’t have the luxury of being bored anymore!… but I do miss her undivided attention. Sometimes she’s a bit huffy, but we always leave the door open so they’re both free to roam – but they almost always stay in the room with us. The best bit is watching Lyla chase Boop out of the room, then after 10 seconds, see Boop chasing Lyla back in.

Housework. We’re having to hoover more. With the hot and stuffy weather, Lyla’s losing her glorious winter coat and Boop is eating his way through his kitten toys. The hide and seek games they play include 100 metre sprints around the living room. We’re even thinking of having an opening ceremony for the Cat Olympics tomorrow night. Tho we’re afraid Boop would win everything apart from perhaps power lifting and the hammer toss. Our Lyla still has a lot of weight to throw around you see.

Cat Olympics? … Poor Lyla – blink and you’ve missed him!

Pack mentality. Boop has definitely got a bit more brave. Lyla seems to be using her time to put him in his place – but he just bounces straight back. We’re a bit worried about what happens when he grows past her in size, so when she bops him over the head and pins him down,we’re seeing this as groundwork for future pack pecking order. In theory that is; in reality I’m anxiously sitting on my hands trying to remember that I’m not supposed to interfere.

They also both really love Dreamies. I’m scared I typed it too loudly as both their ears perked up. The sound of the packet opening sends them into a cat-crazed blur. This leaves me wondering what the human equivalent treat is?… For me… this week… fig rolls mmm!

Tummy tummy tummy!

Rachel x

(The Cat Whiskerer)

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