So… How much does a kitten cost?

Despite already having one cat – providing for a kitten was like starting from scratch. Or possibly even more expensive, because I keep wanting to get things for Lyla-cat to prove that we still love her just as much. I also conveniently forgot about my own ‘Oooh! That’s nice!’ mentality. Like… wanting everything to match for instance. Cue endless internet trawling for quaint, ceramic, etsy-made food bowls and mats and bespoke cat beds. I found one made by peticula which is amazing!

But on a serious note, I knuckled down on my spending like every frugal mother should. Indy-Boop is currently sleeping in half a shoebox which is stuffed with Lyla’s old blanket in the hope that he smells more like her. Admittedly, he does now look more of a rescue kitten than when when he was with Carole (his rescuer) as he’s now in a rather homeless looking dog cage. That’s the credit crunch for you! Stingyness aside… here’s a long list of kitten things (to the nearest pound);

Adoption fees – which will include neutering once Indy-Boop’s a bit bigger – £50
Booster vaccination course – at least £15 per vaccine treatment x2 – £30 (we got ours on special offer from Kings Road Vets x2 – £17)
Microchipping – £25 ish (we took advantage of another offer from the vets – £10)
Safety Cat Collar with name and address tag – £10
Worming treatments £5
Flea treatments – £15
Comfortable bed to sleep in – £0 he’s extremely happy in his shoebox that I wrapped up with old paper!
Small litter tray – lucky for Boop we already had a bright pink one that Lyla didn’t like but it did cost £5 new
Soft grooming brush – £3 Flea Comb – £2 Nail clippers – £3 (more things we already had, but this is what we paid for them way back when)
Kitten Toys – we got a few soft feathery ones but he’s happy enough just exploring for now – £3 and there’s always the tried and tested tin foil ball – and the “chase the tatty bit of string” game
Small bowls – so that he can eat his food easily – £2
Trial kitten food – dry and wet of various brands and flavours. You know, the expensive small packets instead of the bulk-buy cartons we get for Lyla-cat just so we can make sure that he actually eats something – £10
Large dog cage – this is to keep Indy-Boop safe as we get Lyla-cat and him to be best friends. We already had a cage but you’d be looking at spending at least £60-£100 for one of these
Grooming Wipes – to help Indy-Boop with the cleaning process – £3
Scratching Post – we gave Boop Lyla’s old post and have bought her a 62cm tall one so she can stretch out her little legs a bit further – £13
Catnip bubbles – (oh yes) the only thing I bought that I shouldn’t have – £4

Which makes a grand total of at least £200. And that doesn’t include insurance and daily food…

Mr Whitburn Whiskers is now happily saying ‘see?!… aren’t you glad we didn’t get two kittens?’ Well – um, yes. Yes he was (probably) right. Mind you – we didn’t actually buy Boop small bowls – we’re currently using casserole dish lids!


(The Cat Whiskerer)

4 thoughts on “So… How much does a kitten cost?

  1. Yes, been there, done that recently. Our little one,
    Molly, is 5 months and everything had to be new
    And matching. She’s slept in her own new bed maybe
    6 times! And she hasn’t been neutered yet, that’s to
    come later this month. Plus I find can’t go shopping
    without buying her a new toy!
    What has taken us by surprise most is having to make
    the house “kitten proof”. Can she fall through there?
    Will she chew that? Be careful when letting other cats
    in/out in case she gets out! But having said all that – the
    cost the constant worrying about her – we wouldn’t
    change a thing. There’s not a day goes by when she doesn’t
    make us smile with her antics! Still Molly’s Dad is
    pleased he didn’t say yes to 2 kittens as well.

    • Our Lyla-cat hasn’t taken well to him at all but after an hour of him being home (and falling asleep on my neck) he’s ours forever. You’re right – cost/ worry means nothing!
      Still, I can see spends mounting and mounting – I’m out to buy him toothpaste and a finger brush tomorrow and I’m sure to buy him a whole host of other things (as the husband won’t be there to stop me!). More reasons for why I’m not allowed to have children 😉

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