The cat and the shoelace

We’ve met with quite a few cat owners recently and it’s great when it all goes to plan. We find the right house, meet the right people and get a good few purrs before we leave… then there are the cats that glare at us suspiciously – usually from a good vantage point trying to work out what’s going on. It can be hard to reassure an owner that you’re a really great cat person if their cat is treating you like you’re their arch-nemesis.

We see this as completely normal and there are a couple of things that can provoke this – for example if the suitcase and packing panic has already started in your house, then our arrival is like definitive proof that you’re leaving. But I prefer to think that a cat is entitled to be a bit aloof at first – after all, we teach our children not to accept sweets from strangers!

So here’s a tried and tested ten step plan that Whitburn Whiskers use for making friends with a doubting cat.

Cat in hiding place

Step One: Find the cat


Step Two: Find a shoelace (usually easier than finding the cat)


Step Three: Introduce shoelace


Step Four: Convince cat that shoelace is alive


Step Five: Lure cat with shoelace into…

Step Six: Playing!


Step Seven: That was brilliant. I really wanted to play with the shoelace, thank you very much.


Step Eight: *hug* okay. I really, really love you and…


Step Nine: … you really, really love me so…


Step Ten: … we are now best friends

Thanks to the beautiful Smokey for being such a photogenic cat 🙂

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