Cats who twitter

Today I delved into the world of cat-twitter; tweets from cats whose interests include sleeping, bird watching, string, milk and catnip. There are cats that tweet to other cats using cat innuendo, and there are some truly brilliant terrible cat jokes; “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow”. Twitter’s top trend board reminded me to wish Dr. Seuss a happy birthday which was nice; The Cat in the Hat is a very famous cat, after all and I was very pleased to see some pictures of cats in boxes. From there I found myself happily clicking towards a comic strip about a whale and a cat; Don’t cry fatty whale… Here’s a kitten to dry your fat face with. Afternoon wasted; done!

I also discovered #followfriday. Well – I didn’t discover it. I’m fairly certain it’s been out there for a long time… but one of my followers suggested me to some of hers as a “great alternative to kennelling your pets while you’re on holiday”. Lovely follower. I also got a phone call from a local charity wanting to work with friendly local businesses which is more lovely news!

From cat-twitter to my own nitwitcat, Lyla will be spending the evening playing with her cat laser pen. Who said cat exercise was easy? Nobody. Nobody did. Because it’s not. At. All. At least we’re still a long way off from the cat exercise wheel… but look at this little lump sleeping! No dignity, no shame and no sign of losing weight!

Zero modesty

My undignified Lyla-cat


Rachel (The Cat Whiskerer)

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